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On November 8, 2015, I was engaging in a different community service project to hand out blankets, snack and hygiene bags to the homeless. During this project at the Dream Park in Greenville, I sat and talked with some of the people we were servicing. As we talked, I asked them ‘what was something realistic that I could do to help them.’ One lady said, ‘we are hungry on Sundays.’ She went on to tell me that they were able to eat Monday-Friday at a local soup kitchen and that there were other places they frequented on Saturdays but on Sundays they found it difficult to find places to eat. They have to leave the shelter early and are not able to return until 6 pm. During that time outside they had no where to eat. The next day, two other ladies and I returned with baked and BBQ chicken, cabbages, corn on the cob, banana pudding, dinner rolls, tea and lemonade and #Something2Somebody was born. We fixed plates for the ones present and sat down with our plates and enjoyed a hot meal together. At first, it was just our plan to fix this one meal and say mission complete but we couldn’t. We have returned to the Dream Park every Sunday with a hot meal in tow. We began feeding 10 to 15 people per week, but soon the line  grew with us feeding as many as 125 people in a week. We provide a hot meal for men, women and children, black, white and Hispanic. We have fed in the rain, high winds, cold and hot weathers. I began to post #Something2Somebody feedings on Facebook weekly and soon gain support from various organizations. We have had several organizations and individuals assist with the meal preparation, products needed and serving. The menu has consisted of turkey wings, chicken, ham, turkeys, baked spaghetti, chicken and pastry, meatloaf, stew beef to frying fish and shrimp and cooking on the grill along with a wide array of vegetables and desserts. There are some that we feed weekly that do not stay in the shelter but are members of the local community. We realized, just because you have a place to live, it does not mean you aren’t hungry. Along with feeding, we have also provided clothes and hygiene bags to those in need. #Something2Somebody’s mission is to end hunger within our community, one plate at a time and each Sunday our mission is complete.


Arjenae Jones Williams

Something2Somebody does more than feed those in need, we also sponsor and participate in community events, ​host food drives for the local pantry box, provide hygiene/sanitary products and more!

Our team live and stand on the notion of helping and giving to others, no matter the time, day or place. With a pure heart and grand smile, we know that "Anybody and everybody can be Something2Somebody."



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